the finish line is already on my sight.. it’s time to SPRINT and be the champion~!!

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Daydreambeliever’s Christmas Gift ❤(◦’ں’◦)❤

“It can’t get any worse than this..It canNOT get any worse than this, for God’s shake..”

As i live for 21 years, I cant really remember for sure about how many times I’ve heard people (well, including me! :p) saying ‘stuffs’ like that.

And you know what..I’m willing to bet that as it turns out, almost in every instance I heard that phrase spoken, everything tends to get worse (ʃ˘̩̩̩̩̩̩ƪ) Fuuuunnnnyyyyy

Straight from my heart..

Booo~~ i really hate to admit this (´_`) (since i have to act cool like i’ve always been (¬,¬”)) BUT, lately I’ve been deadly stressed! I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders..and seriously it’s just doesn’t feel like me (́_̀)ƪ(,)


I dont know, maybe i just can’t get it anymore how EVERYTHING has been WAY rough and TOO difficult to handle for these last few’s all such a pain i cannot ‘chewed’ that i start to ask myself if i have reached my ‘peak’ already or not..Sorry for being rude, but i keep questioning W-h-y do all this sh*t thrown ALL to us? To her..I swear there’s really nothing more painful in this world than this.


About this post, please don’t get me wrong..No need to worry coz for sure i’m NOT going to ‘announce’ it out loud to the world and give you all the details as well as annoys you with my OWN problems (that’s kinda POINTLESS anyw) and never mind, people won’t be able to understand EVERYTHING and i completely okay for them who do NOT understand now coz I can’t expect EVERYONE to understand when they HAVEN’T been in the situation..(However, they will once when they go through the same thing one day)

But for sure right now i-am-NOT talking about my Mini Thesis or common univ stuffs like that..Zzzzzzz we know actually those things aren’t really become a big deal since there’re so many ppl around goes through it these days.. (—˛—) 


All i can say about this is…For the last few months, Satan (LOL) probably attacking me (well, us) more then ever before..

He made me feel utterly lost for every route i take..i even used to think if this is a ‘final test’ given to me, then I’ve failed, no point to tell you that I’m not as great and strong as you (satan) so that I’m lousy, weak, and incompetent..

Well, I’m serving as a singer at my church, but to be Honest..(yes, let’s be honest!)  there has been times I was so low that I couldn’t even pray (and i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one ever feel this kind of feelin’) so that at the end all I could do is just sayin HIS name in a deep silence then cryin without even telling HIM about my feelings #which HE already knows for sure#


But then i realize, through this darkness period, my ‘emotions’ are NOT the most important ones..

i dont want to make a stupid regretable mistake in the future when someone i love already gone forever and i do NOTHING..Coz at that time no matter how loud i sream out and cry, they (she/he) won’t be able to hear me anymore..What’s done CANNOT be undone..There’s no going to back, no matter what.

So that finally i decided to no longer ‘wait’ til it’s too late to tell her overly about how much i love and i care, to be SO MUCH more patient whenever and wherever she ask me for help so i (hopefully) won’t make regrettable mistake anymore, and to never feel burdened to give all i can give starting from the time i have to the money i’ve got from the scholarship..and after all, those are nothing compare to what she has done for me..yes, I will always be indebted 

I know it’s easy to say and hard to do, it’s just like how heavy it is to keep your chin up when it’s quivering and choking back tears. but i just really want to give my best, my all to do ‘my part’ as great as possible not just for the shake of my future but also for those who have done many good things to me as well as added so much value and love to my life.. 

Many people say, everything in this world is temporary and life is always changing depends on the way you think of it..Yeah i do believe it! I do believe that people just need to find some way to H. O. P. E to make everything turns to be okay at the very end..And since for the last few months i have been ‘forced’ by the situation to go HERE and THERE, that i completely realize i need to balance everything, using my time more and more efficient so that my grades won’t be suffer and my Mini Thesis can be done even faster than what i’ve planned..

For short, i’m placing my mind to get concentrate with what i’m doing no matter how much deep inside me bleed..It was like a battle scar and I was injured, I hid my scar coz I didn’t want anyone to look down on me or to pity me..every night, alone, in silence, at my own room i ask HIM  both to help her to find strength in this mess and to lead me and my family to become one of that strength itself..


Finally it proved. Even though ‘few of the bulbs are burnt out’ this year, but only by HIS grace my family which had been grievously wounded can be survive..At least until today, regardless of all the things that aren’t feels so right, with the ‘magic’ that christmas day brings we can still have a wonderful warm-hearted Christmas together! (@^^@) 

for some ppl, what has been written here maybe just a bunch ofwords on a piece of screen ( ´ー`) BUT for rest of ppl out there who passes through some rough obstacles if life, hopefully by the words i’ve posted here your heavy heart can be lifted.  

Last but not least..i wanna say thank you to all who have stood by my side and always encouraging me..i’m sooo blessed to have you all  

(ɔ ˘˘)˘˘ c) you know who you are! =3




AAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNDDD I wish you the very very veeeeerrrrrrrrrryyy BEST Christmas with the ones you love.. (*⌒∇⌒)(⌒∇⌒*) 











And this is a gift from Super Junior for youuuuuuuu xixixixixi x3 





HIT THIS LINK! ;3 ——->


Should I Put My Hands Up? ┒(—˛—)┎

November 11th 2011 (11.11.11)…i was so hyped up that night that i can’t even act like a normal human being becoming part of the crowd at 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour 2011 live in Jakarta. Although that was my 2nd time seeing them doing their live perform for real (not only as two dimensional image on my laptop screen anymore :p), but still me, myself, and i couldn’t help to overcome their especially Junho ‘teasing ability’  ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ


The very 1st time i saw them is on the Blackberry Live and Rockin Concert 8 months ago. at that time i’m 99% sure I communicated with junho BY EYES at the middle of the show which was a heart stopping moment (>̯┌┐<)•° Seriously I AM SUREEEEEEEEE he was like….



What a teaseeeee (/ㅡ_-)/~

For your information, among all of the members of 2pm, Junho and Nichkhun are my favorites (I’m so sorry i can’t really choose ( ́_ ̀) #as if i have the right to choose (←_)(_)(_)(_→)# kkkk~~) and the funniest thing about this is both of them are completely get waaaaayy different type of looks one to another.. 


While nichkhun looks likeeee..



Aaaahh those eyeeeesss



Then Junho looks like….


Wait, where’s your eyes? O_o

Hhahaha kiddin (≧ω≦) it’s just He has small eyes which is dissappear when he smile..but i dont know why, for some reasons Junho’s smiley eyes even attract me the mooooost……..@___@

and the fact that he has a good sense of humour makes him more valuable for me.. (∩_∩)◦°˚HAHAHA


Okay, straight back to the topic now. I mean the story of the concert..we havent started yet kkkkkkk~ (‾⌣‾)♉ 


I went there (to the venue) whooshing with my friend after the class over (okay, not really over yet maybe :p) and guess what, we’re surprised to find out the long creepy queue lines ‘waiting for us’ there..Exactly, HOTTEST (that’s how 2pm fans called) from all over Indonesia were waiting for the open gate in a looooooooooooooooooooooooong lines start from the 5th floor to the venue on 8th floor..HAHAHA #I LAUGH MY ASS OFF#



But Lord has mercy ▽`)He loves us so much that He ‘whispered’ to crew who responsible for the queue to tidy up the creepy unorganized queue lines just right after we arrived at the venue..The crew finally decided to ‘clean up’ the queue lines from those floors and organized the new lines at the 3rd floor..and yepp as a result finally we got the front line!! YEESSSSSSSHH ˆ) 


We decided to got the festival class for the show in order to get as close as possible with 2pm members  #and hopefully we’re ‘lucky’ enough to get their wet T-shirts in case they take or rip it off# Nyehehe ^^v

Well, about to let you know this, 2PM itselfs means 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the HOTTEST time of the day. #Rejoiceee girls! (*⌒∇⌒)(⌒∇⌒*) # 2PM also often called ‘beasts’ for their powerful performances and beautiful b.o.d.i.e.s.

To speak the truth…

i didn’t use to like guy with OVERLY bulky bodies, BUT when I saw 2PM i was likeee..Wow #ehemm# this this good~ HAHAHA XD


So,what’s finally made me become a fan of 2PM? Musclesss… (⌣‾) #aside from their catchy songs and good sense of humour of course#  Seriously, still i can see the muscles show over their clothes and ‘feel’ the firmness of their muscles even though they’re wearing suits..


Mwuahaha..XD #somebody please kindly slappp my face now! (ヽ`д´)┌┛★)`з゜)#

talking about singing ability, i admit they’re not the best singers compared to all the idol groups..Only junsu, junho, and wooyoung can really sing..but whooooo careeesss (—˛—)they’re simply entertaining \()/


And since i couldn’t find the clear fancams for their performance here in Jakarta (Note : we’re not allowed to bring profesional camera like SLR, only digicam and phone allowed), so that here i’m going to show you some of the fancams i’ve found at  well, even though these fancams taken from 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour 2011 in Seoul , but overall i thought the concept of their performance  there in seoul isn’t way different with here in Jakarta..So just check it by yourself if you wanna..hi•̃•̃ hi•̃•̃ hi.. hi•̃•̃ hi•̃•̃ hi.. 


To sum everything up : that night was definitely crazy (..•˘__˘•..)i saw them the closest I’ve ever seen so far (only about 1m/100 cm away if i’m not mistaken ♪♪(^ω^)( /^ω^)/♪♪ ) all of the fans screaming in ecstasy since they’ve made tooo many breath-taking moments for the sake of what they call ‘fan service’ kkkkkkk~ that was awesome XD

The whole concept of the concert is a little ‘scary’ if i think about it. A ‘freak’ show, that’s what the concept really is about. You really can’t help but dance and drool to it. Hhaha chill out! Enjoy it as long as it lasts ˇ)  

Now, as they’re continuing their Asia Tour, i’m betting that their schedules are pretty tight..And let’s thanked to Twitter since we can get virtually in touch with the ‘daily musings’ of our idols by it!




  So WHAT’S Next Destination? ——->  HOPEFULLY Super Show 4!!! >////<


totally speechless~ and drooling all over my room..hahahaha
STOP TEMPTING ME, CHO KYUHYUN~!! kyaaaaaa~~~ this will surely help me to brighten up my brain all night long..kekeke
credit: @KyuhyunFacts on Twitter

(←_←)(→_→)(←_←)(→_→) #Lord, please forgive me. Amen#


totally speechless~ and drooling all over my room..hahahaha

STOP TEMPTING ME, CHO KYUHYUN~!! kyaaaaaa~~~ this will surely help me to brighten up my brain all night long..kekeke

credit: @KyuhyunFacts on Twitter

(←_)(_)(_)(_→) #Lord, please forgive me. Amen#

Plastic Generation? Woupss..

Whoaaa it’s been a month since my last updates >////< Okay, First and foremost (without any mean to humiliate anyone) to all of ‘kpop freakzz’ out there, i want you to know guys that i’ve tried to be as fair as and as objective as possible with this post..Well, then let’s jump to the topic now..

"Ooooo my gaaawwd  (insert korean dude’s name) WHY u’re so frickin handsomeeee??    Щ(ºДºщ) Don’t YOU realize that YOU (insert korean dude’s name) just killed half of woman population with that tempting looks??(з´)  (and so on and so on blahblahblah and drool (??))”

Well, retarded lines above close to my ‘common’ reaction (and probably most of fangirl, i guess) whenever i see SJ, DBSK, SHINee, 2PM , BIGBANG, etc doing their live perform or whenever i watch korean drama staring by the good-looking one. (^..^)v 


But waiiiit….WHY the h*ll i’m asking about the things i’ve already know?? (¬_¬”)

They’re plastic..MOST of them ARE simply just ‘made of’ plastic..well, not extremely all, but i’m quite sure that most of them had gone under the knife and enjoy the ‘wonders’ of plastic surgery before they debuted..Yessh, i (and (again) probably almost all of fangirl outha’) know it already.. hey, we’re not to be fooled as most of what we see on their face are (sorry) F a k e ! (* .) 


Okay, then if i already know all the lies behind their ‘ulzzang’ looks, so why i continuing liking them?

Hey Seriously peopleee, don’t you even know that it’s hard as hell to do both singing and dancing at same time? And remember, they still have to give their best controlling their pitch and hitting high notes while doing the choreography itself already kinda tiring..Dancing isn’t as easy as it seems..If you don’t believe, then just try to perfect Mirotic by DBSK or Replay by SHINee..i wanna see if you can cover it smoothly..(‾v‾)

well, i’m not saying all kpop boybands/girlbands are good. No, they’re not. Some of them can’t even sing that great, they’re just there to sell ‘their’ face (¬_¬”) but those that actually worked really hard to get there, loves music, and also improve themselves in their music and vocals, gains my respect, and loveeee..


 However, people hardly see this.. s( ̄へ ̄ )z 


K-pop is just….Catchy, addictive and entertaining…thats all pretty much to become a popular trend, got it? And also don’t forget :

fangirls are fangirls. (▿‾┐) (┌‾▿‾)

Yeah that’s what we do, we get addicted, we go crazy, and “dool” over for something..well, just make it simple —>  enjoy it as long as it lasts! That’s all to it. LOL  ڡˆ)


Okay, back to the ‘wonders’ of plastic surgery…Just like an unspoken rule, ‘looks’ for korean entertainment (or even for every single creatures in this silly world) are number one..Sooo many of them start when they’re young, and continue to do so..fine, that’s true, From the eye’s of God, all of us were on the same level so that there’s no ugly and there’s no beautiful..but what about in the eye’s of man? No, no..please don’t be naive.. (˛) 


To be frankly honest, i thought many Kpop idols were ugly (or at least average-looking?) before their debut..(i’m so sorry for using the ‘ugly’ words guys >.<, i just cant find the measure words to describe (_ _”)v )

You may think that i’m about to post their ‘before-after’ picture here, rite? But no, i’m not going to do that..That’s harm for them, and i’m their fan remember? (so finally i start to lose my objectivity kkkkkkk~ xP)

but there’s no need to be sad (sad?), this is i’ve got another ‘tester’ for you ;P

And this is for miss. korea..

From those pictures you can see that their original eyes are so narrow and slanted coz they’re actually only got single eye-lid..well, even one of my friend ever told me that she wonders how they could actually see anything with those eyes (Sorry, i’m just telling you what i’ve heard >.<) To speak the truth, for me, people eyes are often represent their identity as well as their personality..those eyes you have actually make you different one to another..

Besides doing eye-lids job, we can also see that most of them have their nose done and also jawbones shaved to give the face a heart shape (V-line). So, finally new face has arrived!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzz… 

Oh, i almost forget about this one…besides doing plastic surgery, It’s also common for them to use eyelid-tape which open their eyes tremendously and circle lenses to makes their eyes look bigger as well.. Especially for the circle lenses, i thought it makes people irises waaaaay too black & tooooo contrasting against the white bit. As a result, It was scary to look at.. (=_=”) Lastly, korean (and probably most of asian ppl) love whiteness!!! Everyone there strives to be white and always stays out of the sun. The whiter your skin the better you are since dark skinned people are looked down upon joke! (¬_¬”) 

At the very end..personally i thought since everyone has different perspectives seeing things, so that who looks good and who doesn’t is a matter of opinion that you can’t actually measure beauty or whatever..

then about people who undergo plastic surgery, i’m not really bothered as long as they don’t claim that they’re all NATURAL beauty when They’re clearly not..Just remember, you are the one who responsible for every choices you made and you’re the one who will pay for whatever goes wrong.. 


So, here i am now (and for the last two days), Sitting in front of my old laptop screen, doing some google research, finding about three or four solid ideas, picking up one of them, then finally start writing (well, at least making an outline) whenever inspiration strikes me..Yup, heyyy FINALLY, i’ve taken the opportunity to get some distance for my Mini-thesis \(*^^*)/ Mini-Thesis..The journey of my ‘million pages’ begins with a single word…(did i just said ‘million’??? xP) kkkkkkkk~~ XP

Well, since i love writing and talking soooo much, that I feel both excited and nervous continuing to work on my Mini-thesis..Even if it’s only for couple of  hours a day, but for me the most important thing IS the’s getting hard for me to do things if  i’m not in the rhythm, eeemmm it’s just more likeee… “if i didn’t do it yesterday, i won’t do it today”  So that once i get the rhythm, i try to keep it up, Once I get ‘in the zone’ I’m gonna  focused on getting it done, the faster the better! As a result = Data has been gathered (even though still based on lord google only :P ), the literature read, and the arguments prepared! Hahaha..NOOO i’m just joking around about ‘the arguments prepared’ part kkkkk~~  not yet… ;3 

And okaaaaaaaayyyy i’m not going to deny too that there’re times when i feel rather ‘dry’, when the words won’t come out no matter how hard i’ve tried..but mostly, when those FREAKY unproductive LOSER times strike me out, i ‘feed’ myself with some of FREAKY youtube’s videos..And guess what? As expected, I can fully concentrate at writing pretty well after that..Yeaaahh Youtube’s ‘stuffs’ totally works on me for real..once again thanks to the almighty internet! Hhahaha xDD

Oh, i almost forget to mention this one..Besides doing my ‘Skripsi’, Currently i also chasing after my another ‘seemingly impossible dream’..Curious already what the hell is it? Kkkkkk~~ but what should i do? If i told you WHAT i’ve been doing these days in regards to reaching this ‘seemingly impossible dream’, no doubt you gotta burst into laugh and say that i must be kidding lalalalala..then after all that, i might be referred to a dreamer, idealist, or maybe just plain crazy  (–˛ — º)

but That’s OKAY..just call me like what you want..Coz YES i AM Daydreambeliever! ^^v I believe in my dreams (NOT in the dreams of other!) dreams that giving me the power to wake up each and every morning..Even though certainly there’re some foibles at first, even though i have so many limitations through  some of my conditions that make me stumble and fall so maaaaaany times, but instead wallowing in self-pity, during those times i’ve decided to grow and challenge go to placeS (yes, placeS) that i do believe hasn’t previously gone before… So now pick yourself up and fight to the finish! (^^)9 <—— you gotta listen to this! ^^ Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’ (Boyce Avenue piano acoustic cover) 


NEVER Click The ‘view post’ Button If You Feel Like Hating SJ Coz Here I’m Going To SPAZZZ A LOT~~

To speak the truth , i was kinda frustrated when SMent released the teaser photos of ‘my hottie babies’ syu-po-ju-ni-oh for their 5th album. Eeeewwwww I was about to CRYYYY when in the end of July I saw their very first IRONIC teaser pic ,-_______-, that was Eunhyuk with his hair had been bleached OVERLY covering HALF of his face =__=” and Ooohh just pleaseee COME ON tell me why he had to wore that ‘girl-thingy’ right above his hair? A CINDERELLA CROWN, excuse me sir? I CANNOT get it really…That was So heart breaking..then how about the rest of the teaser photos of the other SJ member you said? Pathetic..yes u check it by yourself..



But then august 2nd everything changed when Mr.Simple MV teaser finally revealed ^_____^ Oh Thanks God, stupid-headed Lee So Man finally got his sense back! (As if he really had it before, huh? Kkkkkk~ ;P)  That was soooooo great since we (efls) finally dont have to kill him for his SIN made a fool of our SJ boys..We’re safe elfs..We’re safeeeee..

well, here’s the link of the teaser i’m talking about..


1st Teaser:

2nd Teaser:

Finally AUGUST 4TH, the wait is OVER! Yes, we’re welcoming the return of ‘superior’…

Well, before we go further, i feel like i really need to warning you all readers…hemm..I AM GOING TO SPAAAAAAZZZZ A LOT hereeeeee!!!! >////////////<

then in case you’re still UNDER 17 i recommend you guys to stop reading this post up in here for your good..seriously, just please go home, do your homework, and be good okay?  kkkkkk no no no no i’m just joking arouuuuund, i promise you i will never wrote any porn story here kkkkk..ok, maybe only ‘a slice of heart expression’ ;3

So here we goooooo..PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Uuuuuhhhh beybeeeehhh~~~”

 Oh YESHHH I love that jazzy song from the 1st teaser..makes me swoon a looootttt…


Gawwddd kyuhyun vampire stare at 0:05!!!! Omg omg omg omg i just like can i can i can i can i please please please PLEASE hug youuuuuuu??? Pleaseeeeee i’m about to dieeeeee *with puppy eyes*



Kyu walked away kyu walked away kyu walked away, then…DANG! Donghae suddenly popped at 0:24 0_________o Craaaaaaapppp.. that damn swupherrr smexy fishy popped up with his perfection and made me soooo confuseeeee.. I hadn’t really been that into donghae but he was just SO CUTE HERE!!!!! ahh, i just lost my focus! Great!


“Because I naughty, naughty”— YES YOU ARE!! (I answered) LOL xD


Omg the MV HAS STARTEDDDD!!!!!!!! I’m gonna die i’m gonna die i’m gonna DIEEEEEEEE….I giggle like crazzzzyyyyyy AAARRRGHHH i dont feel like i can handle the ‘b*tchy fangirl’ that living inside of me anymoreeeeeeee @!!@#@$%#^$&%*%&… #see? I’ve told u i’m going to spaz a lot# kkkkk~ xDD



Wowowowowoooo there’s no denying their music is bouncy as hell and yeaaaaahh they’re just start dancing..AIGOOOO  ahjussiiiiii I really dont know where to look noww!?!?! I mean, my bias is Kyuhyun but everybody is freaking perfecctttttt in hereeeeee..Fine, just let your eyes ‘do their work’ beth.. B)


Then..Geezzzzzz ‘captain choi siwon’ points his finger here and there as if he was trying to say “you, you, yes you!” I couldn’t help i couldn’t heeeelllllllpppppp..My eyes are popping!! cho kyuhyun-aaaaa please forgive me to be like thisss..(by the way, actually I was a bit disappointed to see siwon wasn’t wearing those ONLY shocking yellow boxers ;( ,repeated, those “ONLY”! kkkkkk..just kidding, i´ve seen him naked enough at SuperShow3 SG anyway..nyahahaha ^^v) ok, here we go again..




But waittt..something went wrong at 0:54! Yesung did a mistake LOL..he totally forgot about his position that timeeee..omg so cuuteeeeeeeee yesungieeee no no no dont go should be here here here come here to mamaaaa ~~ ;* kkkkkkk~~



Ok, back to kyuhyun now..Greatttt!! Kyu being the 1st person to sing…i’m sooo haaaaaaappppppppyyyyyyyy….haiiiiiiisssshhh my eyes went wild!!!! I know I’m crazy before but now i even CRAZIER bcoz of him..Gawd, that head shaking…breath-taking..



But wait, What the hell with those black pants? No no no that’s so wrooong..Kyu has SWUPHER NICEEE LEGS so that you need to give him something more F I T T I N G!! Aigooooo..why can’t u see???? Ok ok then just Let me change it for him..Nyehehehe, please? ^^v


Heechul is Heechul. Meaning that whatever he did still he gonna looks so FRICKIN COOL!! But pleaseee can you just cut your hair, ahjumaa?? Short black hair is suits you the best Mr.Kim heechul..and you better take off that glasses too heenim-aaaaa coz i wanna see your eyeesss..YA! KIM HEECHUL YOU ARE TOO COOL!! No one compares to the HEEDICTATOR!


Oh oh oh it’s time for yesungieeeeee…wow he looks so fresh and for some reasons i love to see his messed hair a raaawwwrr niceeee kkkkkk…w


Ryewook became more and more manly here and also got a lot of exposure in this MV..I think is good..keep it up wookiee!!


The chorus is so catchy!!!!!  The lighting is amazing and their faces are so damn shining hereee….i went crazy jumping while watching…


Sungminnieeeeeee…wow it’s seems like our sweet pumpkin has changed his cute image for this MV..those eyeesssss no joke at all..ggrrrrrrr ;)

AAAAAAAA Leeteuk-ssiiii!!!! YA-PARK-JUNG-SOO, URI LEADER you look so young with that mowhawk hairstyle at 02:41 >///////< I thanked to anyone who gelled up his hair, REALLY…brilliant! Thanks God there’s no ponytail..pheeewww..


MAN! Our silver monkey Lee hyukjae is in the house yo! He was freaking AWESOME with that glass smashing at 03:30..whoaaaaaaaaaaa >___< #but please sir, u really need to get back to your old hairstyle..ZERO for that blonde, seriously#


Over all, the way they’re dancing here is so waaaayyy synchronized and i really really love this song so bad..Especialy the“BLOW YOUR MIND” lineeee..i cant stop giggling whenever that ‘such-thought’ line comes out!!! SO ADDICTIVE and bloooooooooowww my miiiinnndd…kkkkkkkk Congratz for u guys, my super junior boys..You’ve successfully made me so damn freakin out sitting here with a huge stupid grin EVER! DAEBAK! KEEP IT UP! (^O^)9

(*) note: So now i’m done with my ‘analysis’ for Super junior Mr.simple Music video…how’s it? kkkkkk~ xDD and well, please don’t take it tooooo seriously okay? Since here i just wanna having more fun with my tumblr..nyahahaha :DD Oh, you can go here for another post anyway ;D —->


Give It a Try ‘Phrase’ ♥

It was in the end of june when by a chance i saw the announcement of one of the critical essay olimpiad..Just right after i saw it, a little ‘phrase’ suddenly  popped into my head in such a ‘indescribable way’ that it felt like a ‘mandate’ for me..The phrase was “you must give it a try beth..” so i re-read the explaination given there again and again re-think about it more and more and finally landed in one decision…Since God’s best gift to mankind is the ‘mind’, So that we have to USE it to gain new achievement in our life, not only for the shake of ‘self-proven’ but also to experience more about something new,about something that may never came cross into our minds that day i decided to give it a try! ^__________^

For short, after  that  I worked on my essay for about 2 days,  i sent it to the commission exactly at the deadline, then about a week later i went  to present my essay in front of the juries (15 minutes for the presentation and 30 minutes for questioning session) well, Surprisingly at July 29th one of the commission sent me an email to inform me about the result..Runnerup..2nd winner..or whatever it named that was ‘the thing’ written’s my expression? I stopped for a minute and smiled ^^ okay not just ‘a smile’ how could the most expressive super mad person like me only put a smile on this? Kkkkkkkkk~ xP

I swear i never dare to imagine [even for once] that this ‘suddenly project’ would evolve at my very first try!  For all..I thanked to my FATHER for His blessings which helps me to make the right decisions throughout my life..and now, even if this time i don’t have plenty money to do such a big international project and it stuffs, even if being a runner up of this ‘local olimpiad’ maybe not really a big deal too, but i look forward to experience more about different things as well as adding other new challenges in the future which is still around my grasp to keep everything i had stay fresh :) [I only have to spent around Rp.30.000 for this project anyway..yay that’s quite cheap! ^^v]

Okay, seems like this diary post getting longer and longer  that i’m better to stop talking and talking rite (¬_¬”)..fine, this is my last ‘words’….

i love not quite knowing about the things waiting for in front of me simply gives me kind of ‘passion’ to learn more and to try ‘even more’…then, since people say that learning is a process, so that as a process it takes time, develops step by step and of course requires patience that you CANNOT be so hasty about it..let’s rising from the ground, together, from zero to hero..

”give it a try beth” —->  i’m going to use this phrase more in the future.. :DDD


Million random dates?

It finally happened again..Yes, i said Again! This afternoon I just heard that someone I knew is getting engaged and moving in with her boyfriend..Of course I’m happy for them, but yeah..still it cannot be deny too that I start to feel a knot in my stomach just right after I hear that news…hhahaha xDDD

Okay so here’s the thing..As a female in my 20’s, it’s quite normal to start questioning about ‘What can i do if until this stage of age i haven’t found the right men to hold a serious relationship with? Am i ugly, just being TOO picky or WHAT honestly I’m not really sure about tell you the truth, I’ve never been on a date, I’ve never been asked out, and of course I’ve never been kissed (I’ve committed myself to save the last one for marriage anyway ;3 kkkkkk~)

uuuummmhh i don’t know why but it is just seems like i don’t want to fall into a relationship JUST because of the sake of having one. I found that since I’m looking for someone to settle down with (later! Of course not now hhehe), so that it would not be wise for me to go on millions random dates with the guy as long as he is a guy… 

What kind of person I would love to spent rest of my life with is still one big question even for myself now..and seriously COME ON pleaseee I’m still 21! There’s still a lot of excitements out there I wanna deal with yuhuuuuuuu here i come with so much energy and madness HAHAHA! But one thing I’m sure about, a typical guy who dates every hottie girl he see and wants to hit them all up absolutely a big NO for me! A warmhearted one? Hmmm..i would love ;3

Kyuhyun~aaaaaaa i’m waiting for your ring sweet heart HAHAHA! I’m just joking around anyway…(but it’s gonna be great PERFECT if it really happens >///<) hhehehe..maybe i just need some sleep to get my senses closed, made up my mind :D

I can see now that i have a LOT to be happy about since God has blessed me with an out-of-the-world mom and dad, the ones who loved me for who I was born :”) There’re NO WORDS can measure the boundaries of love & care they gave me.. Really, It’s absolutely beyond my comprehension that i’ve not been able to express my feelings to the fullest! :’D We’ve been in unforgettable situations and have loads of memories of the times we’ve spent together through good or bad, happy or sad..My mom and my dad, you’re the reason WHY i tackled my life goals as quickly as possible..From the deepest of my heart I express my gratitude with tears of happiness to u for ur great love & sacrifice..This step ahead is for myself and for you too mom and dad..I owe my existence to you..

with love

your daughter :”)